Monthly Archives: October 2016

Putting the Public First – Part 1

This post continues our series on what it means to be “public-centred”. Nicole Aylwin, Assistant Director of the Winkler Institute, invited me to participate in the Institute’s 2016 Justice Design Project in August 2016 by providing a short introduction to “Putting the Public First in the Justice System”.  I was excited to participate and wondering […]

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Reframing Changes Everything

In our last post we began a series about why it is important to be “family-centred”.  We quoted from a CBC Tapestry interview with Lisa Genova who turned to fiction as a way of exploring and understanding a person’s journey with dementia.  During that interview, Ms. Genova talked about the importance of “reframing”.  She quoted […]

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What Does “Family-Centred” Really Mean?

One of the foundational principles of the BC Family Justice Innovation Lab is that it is “family-centred”.  Most people would agree that the BC family justice system should focus on the needs of the people it is intended to serve – families.  And yet, just want this means and how it can be accomplished is […]

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