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More Lessons from the Therapy Dog

Two years ago I published a piece on entitled Seeing (And Feeling) the Family Justice System Through the Eyes of the Therapy Dog about Ollie the therapy dog who visited the Kamloops courthouse on “family remand day”. One comment on that post really stuck in my mind.  It was from a family lawyer who […]

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The link between social system change and human behaviour

In New Zealand, mediation is mandatory for families before they seek the assistance of the court for parenting arrangements arising from separation and divorce.  Policy and legislation was introduced in 2014 to require mediation because of well-established evidence that mediation was more affordable, faster and produced better outcomes for families than the court system.  A […]

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How to have meaningful conversations about adaptive challenges

Happy New Year everyone! One of the purposes of the BC Family Justice Innovation Lab is to create a space (or platform) for meaningful conversations about how to address the complex adaptive challenge of supporting family well-being as they journey through separation and divorce.  The traditional method of gathering justice “insiders” to diagnose the problem […]

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