Access to Justice (A2J) BC, the Ministry of Justice, and a broad collaboration of BC justice organizations are working to better understand the experience of those using the family justice system in the Kamloops area. It is using a human-centred service design process.


In the summer of 2017, the service design team met with Kamloops organizations serving families experiencing separation or divorce and with family members. These steps were followed in December 2017 by an opportunities identification process that involved both service providers and family members. This exploration identified three key concepts for prototyping that could feed into a broader family justice strategy that, based on input from service providers and other system participants, will identify and implement ways to improve early access to family justice information, tools and services for families in the Kamloops area.


The lab, together with staff from A2JBC and the Ministry of Attorney General, gathered input from family justice users and front line workers to detail various journeys that users of the justice system experienced. These journeys were organized and turned into a Snakes and Ladders-style diagram, showing the often convoluted and repetitive steps in the family justice process.

The difficult paths citizens of BC endure during their journey through the family justice system.

This is the most recent addition to the Lab’s list of initiatives. The Lab’s Coordinator was contracted by the Ministry of Justice to assist Pathfinder with the design process, collaboration and developmental evaluation. Mark Cabaj has been retained (with funding from Innoweave) to support the developmental evaluation process for A2JBC.