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Youth Voices Initiative – Concept workshop

Based on the insights from the second workshop we defined the “big question” we needed to tackle in this initiative:

This was a significant revelation because it recognized that unless parents and the system are prepared to really listen and act, a child’s voice, no matter how articulate, will drop into a void causing potentially more damage to the child’s well-being. We assembled another diverse group (Including many from the first two sessions) to identify concepts capable of being prototyped. Three concepts were identified and they were collapsed into two, through a process of diverging ideas (individually) and then converging (as a group).

Concept 1 – Youth Voice Conference

Create a video of a mock youth voice conference to show to selected family members and justice system actors. Assess the impact and obtain feedback for improvement.

Concept 2 – #OurVoices

Create a small prototype platform (website, social media platform or other appropriate digital system) to showcase stories from young people who have experienced their parents’ separation or divorce. The platform would welcome a wide variety of different styles and formats. This is an opportunity to explore how the stories could:

  1. Help/support the creators (building capacity)
  2. Help/support other kids (building capacity; not feeling alone)
  3. Educate parents and system actors
  4. Identify new ideas for system improvement

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