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Designing in the Justice Sector

In university we were taught that design will change the world. In the early-2000’s we dreamed of being able to revolutionize healthcare or transportation through the power of design thinking. Fast forward to today, and the abstract concepts and techniques we were taught in design school are now commonplace to people with business, management and […]

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Through the Eye of a Fish: The importance of empathy

The BC Family Justice Innovation Lab employs an approach we call “systemic human-centred design”.  The first phase of the model is “discovery” of the experiences of the users (the people the system is intended to serve), in our case the human beings who are involved in separation and divorce in BC.  We have written before […]

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Using Human-Centred Design in Youth Voices Initiative

This article is re-posted from our recent contribution to Slaw dot ca, Canada’s wonderful national online legal magazine. The BC Family Justice Innovation Lab is focusing on improving the well-being of BC families and children experiencing separation and divorce. One of its ‘home-grown’ initiatives is called “Youth Voices” as it focuses on the experience and […]

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