Early bird discounts end Dec 31st for Unbundling Workshop January 31 2018!

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Building on our previous post, we are thrilled to welcome Woody Mosten (the “father of unbundling”) as our special guest for an interactive and practical workshop in Vancouver on unbundled legal services on January 31, 2018.  You can take advantage of early registration discounts until December 31st!  Click here for more information and registration details.

This is a full-day workshop packed with practical information and interactive activities to help you create or enhance your unbundled practice in a wide variety of areas (not just family law).  The high level agenda includes:

  • The foundations of unbundling
  • Effective intake and initial consultation
  • Creative unbundling pricing strategies
  • Effective use of written retainer agreements, scope creep and ending the lawyer/client relationship
  • Reshaping your practice to unbundle

The workshop is being planned by the CBABC Unbundled Legal Services section and supported by the CBABC and the Lab.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me (Kari) or any member of the Section Executive (Zahra Jimale, Zahra Jenab, Laura Atkinson, Michael Butterfield, Sonali Sharma, Rizwana Choudry).

We look forward to seeing you on January 31st!

Early wishes to all of you for a peaceful and fruitful 2018!


ps Since this is intended to be a truly interactive workshop it will be available for in person participants only.  However, we are investigating ways of providing content to those who are not able to travel to attend in person.  Thanks for your understanding.